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The European country of Hungary is one of the 15 most popular tourist destinations, and its capital city of Budapest is widely viewed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hungary has many geographic wonders including the world’s second largest thermal lake, the largest European medicinal bath, and Europe’s largest lake. Hungary’s majestic architectural feats including the largest synagogue in Europe, the third largest church in Europe, and the second largest Baroque castle in the world draw hundreds of thousands a visitors each year.

Along with these tourist attractions, Hungary has a unique culture, stable political climate, relatively low crime rate, and booming economic industries. Because of everything Hungary has to offer, many investors are looking to this nation as a viable option for financial gain.

WMS offers consultancy on two programs for Hungarian Immigration.

Hungarian Permanent Residency (Investor Plan)

Hungarian Permanent Residency (Business Immigration)


Hungarian Permanent Residency (Investor Plan)

Hungary has an attractive ‘fast track’ investor program, whereupon buying EUR 300,000 worth of Government bonds, foreign investors are granted a permanent resident permit. There is no interest on the invested amount, but the permanent residency opens the gate to Europe before you. The investment sum is fully returned at the end of the 5-year investment period, so this venture, in fact, costs you only the EUR 55,000 – 65,000 government processing fee (which you have to pay above the 300k). Eventually, the permanent permit will enable you to apply for a Hungarian (EU) passport.

Hungarian Permanent Residency (Business Immigration):

We offer business immigration program to our clients to move to Hungary. Just form a new company in Hungary and as a business owner, you can move to Hungary with your family. The most popular form of company among foreigners is K.FT (single person owned LLC). The minimum capital required is approx...EUR 10,000 (3,000,000 HUF) to form a company. The company formation is very fast and usually, it takes 1-2 weeks. Hungary is a business-friendly country and corporate taxes are 10% for small-scale companies. Hungarian companies are given VAT number and are required to file taxes every year, based on your worldwide income.

Once company formation is done, and all papers are obtained, non-EU persons can apply for a long-term visa at the Hungary embassy in your country. You will be initially given 30 day C entry visa to enter Hungary, and once you are in Hungary, You will be given residence permit in the form of biometric residence card. This “temporary” residence card allows you to stay in other European Schengen countries and stay there for up to 90 days in 6 month period. The residence card is valid for 2 years and after that, the yearly renewals are done. After 5 years of stay in Hungary, you are eligible to apply for “Permanent Residence Card”.

Value Added Services

Personal or Corporate Bank Account Opening is a Value Added Service for which WMS do not charge anything extra. Worldwide Management Solutions is dealing with all Top Local Banks depending upon the client’s requirement and as per the Banks Minimum Average Balance Maintenance.



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