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To protect Assets and Privacy of our clients, WMS advises to set up an offshore company which may assist businessmen around the world with any of its following characteristics:

  1. Tax Optimization.
  2. Protection of Assets and Funds.
  3. Invoice Offshore Clients by setting a base or branch of your company in a tax exempted Offshore Jurisdiction.
  4. Consolidation of Assets and Corporate Vehicles under one umbrella of the Trust/Holding Company.
  5. Protection of Brand Image through IP (Intellectual Property) registration under the Offshore IBC.(International Business Company)

Significant Advantages:

A Significant feature of an Offshore Company is Tax Optimization, but nowadays a paramount of having an Offshore IBC is to secure personal wealth and funds into a bank account.

Our clients may also buy property or other physical assets under the Offshore Company to secure the assets from inheritance laws prevailing in the region where the asset is bought.

Investors may rent out or sell the same property and receive the funds in the Offshore Company Bank Account to re-invest into other properties or immovable assets.

Some of the Offshore Jurisdictions being 100% tax-free help investors to optimize taxation and enjoy the profits or to re-invest in other profitable ventures.

Another important question is that a human being may die or partners in Business or Family might have a dispute in profit sharing, then what will happen to the assets owned under the personal name. The answer to it is again holding the assets under an Offshore Company which continues to exist and the shares can be distributed to the legal heirs or partners respectively as per the applicable Common Law (chosen by the shareholder of the company at the time of incorporation). Regulations for Common Law are set out in Standard Memorandum and Articles of the company.

In GCC, a big trend is seen recently to incorporate the license though corporate ownership of the offshore company to consolidate the assets and investments of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners under one Umbrella.

Also, Offshore Company is not only secure for protection of tangible assets but also intangible assets like IP (Intellectual property – Trade Mark or Copy Rights). Now, if an IP is registered under an individual name, the registration may be in risk again with an unfortunate incident which might happen to the individual down the line like bad health or death of the person. On the other hand, this intangible asset if secured under the Offshore Structure may result in passing on royalties to the legal heirs through the transfer of shares as per the common law.

Words might fall short but an Offshore IBC can protect the assets and privacy of businessmen in so many different ways besides just being used for Tax Optimization.

For confidential advice, our consultants are ready to assist our clients and can give insights into the objectives of the company.

Value Added Services

Personal or Corporate Bank Account Opening is a Value Added Service for which WMS do not charge anything extra. Worldwide Management Solutions is dealing with all Top Local Banks depending upon the client’s requirement and as per the Banks Minimum Average Balance Maintenance.



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